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Alaskan Mysteries

Sean E. Thomas

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Silent Killer

(In progress)
#7. Bodies are piling up for the class of 2000 and their families. So far all deaths have been ruled accidental. But someone is exacting revenge for perceived bullying and verbal abuse. Sable discovers the trend by accident. Since Sableís wife is a 2000 graduate, she may be next on the killerís list. Sable must catch the killer before he strikes again.


(64,800 words/296 manuscript pages/finished under revision)
#6. A serial killer, calling himself Anubis, is stalking the cities and highways of Alaska. This killer is more dangerous than Theodore Bundy and Robert Hansen combined. This killer leaves no fingerprints, fibers or DNA. He hides behind numerous stolen identities. Now the stalker has murdered a Seattle police detective. Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable and his team must find the killer before he strikes again.

Lost Legion

(92,000 words/399 manuscript pages/complete. Out to agents)
#5. In Lost Legion, Tlingit Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable is pulled from his honeymoon to investigate the murders of the governorís brother and the brotherís friends. Clutched in the dead menís hands are gold coins imprinted with the likeness of Augustus Caesar. As the trooper follows the clues, he realizes a myth that Roman soldiers settled in Alaska more than 2,000 years ago may be true. Closing in, he comes face to face with the architect of the murders, a village chieftain who is a descendent of the Romans. The descendents have set into motion a plot to take over the halls of power in Alaska and Washington, D.C. Even the current governor unknowingly is being used as a pawn to achieve this aim. It is up to Sable and his team to foil the plot and put the chief and his fellow conspirators behind bars.

Dark Gold

(71,200 words/published 2002)
#4. Two bodies are found in Prince William Sound -- a frozen one wearing a WWII pilotís uniform, another killed within the last few days. The plane carried a shipment of gold lost during the war. Tlingit Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Robert Sable follows the clues as the body count rises, and he finds death awaits anyone with knowledge of the shipment. One by one, the clues lead Sable closer to the killer and the gold.

Dark Shaman

(68,000 words/published 2003)
#3. Most Alaskans have heard rumors of powerful ancient shamans. Dark Shaman turns that legend into a fast-paced murder mystery in which Tlingit Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Robert Sable, along with help from the FBI, investigates the ritualistic deaths of school children. Rumors hint to an absurd idea that the children were slaughtered by Auktelchnīk, a powerful evil shaman who has been somehow resurrected. As more bodies turn up, Sable and his partners try to find the connections between the victims and their killer by interrogating local rapists, pedophiles and sexual deviants. Now someone is killing off the suspects one by one. Is this a new killer, an irate parent or someone else? Along the way, Sable encounters a bold seduction, a barroom brawl and a bevy of nasty characters who could only be found in Alaska.

Dark Soul

(69,000 words/published 2002)
#2. Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable, a man with a troubled past, watched his wife and son die at the hands of his enemies. He has one mission in life, and that is to even the score. When his investigation gets him into trouble with the troopers, his chief assigns him to a Fish and Game stakeout in the Alaskan wilderness. Intent on stopping the mob boss responsible for the hit on his family, Sable invites his enemy for a final confrontation. When the meeting goes wrong, Sable must run for his life with the mob close behind.

Dark Project

(63,000 words/published 2002)
#1. As Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable investigates the strange disappearance of six scientists from Fort Greely, he discovers a secret Army project. Scientists have gathered under the leadership of a ruthless general, Charles Dean, to create the ultimate soldier. During a catastrophe, an experimental virus escapes from the project. Thinking the virus is deadly, Dean tracks a scientist exposed to the virus to a local Tlingit village. To contain the virus and protect his secrets, Dean decides to destroy the village and all its inhabitants. Sable must find a way to save the Indians and bring the general to justice.

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April. 2003

The Author: A longtime Alaska resident with a Native American heritage, Sean E. Thomas (S E. Thomas) graduated in 1970 from Alaska Methodist University (now Alaska Pacific University) with a bachelor of arts in chemistry. He attended graduate school at the University of Idaho for two years studying organic chemistry, then served several years as an Army officer. He retired from the federal government in 2006 and has written numerous technical manuals and guides for the government. An avid boater, he has been a Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer for more than 32 years.

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